Best of Houston Maritime attorney 2022

Best of Houston Maritime attorney 2022

Houston Maritime attorney:

Houston maritime injury attorneys exist to help injured seamen or dock workers obtain the compensation they need to recover from serious injuries and afford long-term medical expenses incurred offshore. It includes any accidents occurring in “navigable waters” (rivers and oceans) and in ports or docks.

Best of Houston Maritime attorney 2022
Best of Houston Maritime attorney 2022

Why hire a Houston maritime lawyer?

As you can see, maritime laws are complex. Let Houston maritime attorney Crist and his team walk you through the process of understanding the legal concepts and getting all the compensation you deserve. This could be you being able to pay for missed time and be able to pay medical bills that continue.

Working with a lawyer without maritime can mean leaving money on the table. But at The Christ Law Firm, P.C., our Houston maritime accident attorneys have extensive experience in the field and don’t let our clients down.

How Christ helps injured seamen and maritime workers
Our Houston maritime attorneys have a history of obtaining results for injured maritime workers, so they receive maximum compensation. This includes the largest published recovery in Texas for a single plaintiff. In this case, we obtained a $15,120,000 award for a man who suffered major injuries after a mooring cable broke and hit him on the head.

Our team of award-winning lawyers have the knowledge, experience and resources to win the most challenging maritime cases. Whether you were injured on a ship at sea, on an oil rig or at the Port of Houston, we have a network of the best medical, engineering and marine industry experts in the nation.

We are proud of our work and track record of representing people injured while working in the hazardous maritime industry.

Christ Maritime Attorneys will:

  • Help you complete an accident report for your employer.
  • Determine if you are a seaman under the Jones Act.
  • Confirm vessel position at time of injury.
  • Collect evidence about its seaworthiness.
  • Examine the crew members and their training.
  • Assess the cause of your accident and injuries.
  • Review any paperwork from your employer, including any waivers or offers.
  • Analyze your right to file a legal claim.
  • Determine how long you have to file the claim.
  • File a lawsuit against the negligent employer.
  • Negotiate a fair settlement or prepare for trial.

Let us pay your medical bills

If you have been injured in a marine accident, you may have significant medical expenses and be confused about what to do next. The Houston maritime attorneys of Christ Law Firm, P.C. will be a valuable resource as we fight to get you a full financial recovery.

medical bills
medical bills

Call 281-306-5723 for a free consultation. Let us do what your doctors do, compile your medical bills, and determine what you’ll need to pay for all the care you need.

What are maritime injury cases worth?

You may be able to file a claim under federal maritime law for compensation for your injuries. A Houston maritime lawyer can explain your legal options and help you decide on a course of action.

If you have been injured in a Houston maritime accident, whether in the Gulf, at the Port of Houston, at the Bayport Terminal or dockside, you may be entitled to the following damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • physical pain
  • mental anguish
  • Physical limitations
  • deformity

Additional compensation for injured seamen

Maintenance and Cure – When a maritime worker is injured on the job, the worker has the right to “maintenance” payments for expenses such as food and housing. The worker also has the right to “cure” which includes medical expenses for treatment until the worker reaches maximum recovery. This is similar to workers’ compensation, but specifically for those covered by the Jones Act. There is no fixed amount. Instead, payments are determined based on your circumstances.

Vocational rehabilitation – As with normal workers’ comp, if you were injured in an offshore accident, you may be entitled to compensation for vocational rehabilitation services. This includes re-employment assessment, counseling and training.
Disability – You may also be eligible for temporary and permanent disability payments for lost wages.

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Your Houston Maritime Injury Claim

Because maritime laws are so complex, it is important to have an experienced Houston maritime lawyer working for your interests. There are big shipping companies and their insurance companies that can work against you, but The Christ Law Firm, P.C. You can be sure that you are safe. We will explain the maritime and admiralty laws that apply and what to expect.

Maritime Injury Claim
Maritime Injury Claim

Maritime Cases and When to File

In most marine accident claims, filing a claim is required. The Jones Act is not the same as a workers’ comp claim, which is an administrative process you go through with your employer. The Jones Act requires a lawsuit and proof of your employer’s negligence in order to receive compensation.

Maritime Settlements

Most marine injury claims settle through negotiation. But this is not guaranteed. It would be best if you work with a maritime attorney who is prepared to take your case to court and has a history of successful maritime litigation.

Proving maritime injury claims

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you are usually alleging that someone was negligent and that you deserve compensation for your injuries and damages.

Maritime negligence

When a maritime case is negligent, it means that the person or entity acted without reasonable care — or failed to act reasonably — to protect others from imminent harm.

To prove you owe compensation, you must establish:

  • You have suffered injury or damage
  • Someone else caused your injury or damage
  • Another person failed to exercise reasonable care and caused your injury or loss

How we make your case for maritime compensation

Evidence is important after a marine accident. At The Christ Law Firm, P.C., our marine injury attorneys handle these cases every day. We know how to investigate, so nothing is missed and what large companies must do to respond to our demands for maximum returns.

maritime compensation
maritime compensation

Let our Houston maritime attorneys investigate your accident and gather evidence that will allow us to build a strong case on your behalf. If the ship was unreachable, we would find it. When employers did not properly train other marine workers, we would expose it. Everything we do at Christ Law Firm will be in pursuit of proving your case and the compensation you seek.

Whenever possible, marine personnel should act quickly after an accident. Here are some things that can help your Houston maritime claim:

  • Take photos of the scene before the employer corrects any hazards or defects
  • Get immediate medical attention from an independent provider
  • Report the accident to a supervisor
  • Document all injuries, no matter how seemingly inconsequential
  • Note any faulty equipment such as faulty lighting or improperly labeled pipes
  • Talk to witnesses who saw the accident or can attest to the ship’s unfitness.


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